Take Action

We know that not every employer is going to take action that will see their workers given a pay cut they can't afford and don't deserve.  To help us focus our efforts on the greedy employers we need your help - taking action is easy, just follow the steps below.

Step One:

Look up the details of your local club below, just type your suburb and state, for example Strathpine, QLD (not postcode) into the box below, and our database will list out the local clubs in your area. 


Step 2:

We need you to get in touch with your local club/s and ask them if they plan on cutting the wages of their staff who work on the weekend. Just click the "Send an email to the club" link below their name, use the form to fill in your details, and we will send a message to the club on your behalf, either congratulating them, enquiring of their position, or letting them know how you feel about their plan to cut weekend wages.

Step 3:

If you send a message to the club where we don't know their position, you should expect them to reply outlining what they plan on doing.  When you receive a response from the clubs visit fairpayclubs.com/reportback to let us know how they responded (Don't worry, we will email you with the details)