The fight is now very real - after months of saying there is nothing to worry about, Clubs Australia has shown its hand - it is serious about abolishing the Clubs Award and moving Clubs Workers and Managers onto the Hospitality Award.

That means tens of thousands of Clubs Workers will be at risk of a cut in their penalty rates.

We aren't going to stand by and let that happen.

We are already mounting a Federal Court challenge to the original penalty rates cut in the Hospitality Award, we are running a huge public campaign to get clubs to back down, and we will fight this application all the way.

Every Australian deserves a job they can count on, and we will not let anyone take our pay and conditions away without a fight.

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There has never been an important time for Club Workers to join their union and stand up against the abolition of the Clubs Award which will see clubs workers worse off.

Together, we can stand up to Club's Australia's application to remove our weekend penalty rates. 

It is Clubs Workers that keep Clubs going - and with a united voice we will win.

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There is power in numbers, and to win this fight we need to work together. 

We need to be having conversations in our workplace about how we can do that, and we need to ask our workmates to join us in the union.

We can win this fight if we all work together, but we need as many people fighting with us as we can - download a membership form and ask the people who you work if they will stand with us in standing up for Clubs Workers that work the weekend.